Independent, Unbiased Inventories

We Offer Full Property Inventory Services

Super-fast 2 hour delivery on all property inventory reports, including New Inventory Make, Check-In Inventory, Routine Inspections and Check-Out Inventory, Student  Inventory and Commercial Properties.

Our super-fast rental inventories bring a positive impact to a Letting Agent’s business, our clients have reported saving €200+ every month/branch and have increased their productivity by 20% since using our services. The best part is that while we take care of the inventories it means your team can do the things you know best and be more efficient.

Our professional property inventory reports function within an integrated system, an all-inclusive inventory service, bringing you reports with detailed descriptions, photos, meter readings, tenant comments and signature, a single document easily managed and archived for the end of tenancy and until the Check-Out has to be conducted.

Accurate inventory reports & home inspections

Spend less time on paperwork and more on your business. Our clear, impartial inventory reports are emailed to your email box so you can see it immediately on your desktop or mobile device – information at your fingertips. This means there are no delays in the renting process and you minimize the risk on any disputes on your letting agreements.

KPServices – the video

Watch this short video to learn about how to book new inventories and how our inventory clerks compile comprehensive, accurate and consistent inventories to protect the owner’s property and the tenant’s deposit.


You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Be in Good Hands

  • Fantastic value fee structure.
  • No need for printing, mailing.
  • All-inclusive reports.
  • Discounts available for a large portfolio.
  • Online booking available.
  • Reports archived for free, forever.
  • Unlimited copies are available.
  • An unlimited number of inspections.

Ready to Save on Your Inspections?

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