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At the Kpservices we provide professional property inventory services. Our experienced inventory clerks ensure each inventory report is produced to the highest standard, every inventory includes a range of photographs of the property to provide a photographic record of the condition of the property at the time of the inspection.
In additional to Inventory Inspections we also provide a range of property inventory services including Check In, Check Out and Interim Property Inspections all at very competitive rates.

Independent Inventory report have never been more important as commencing a tenancy with a professional Inventory report protects all parties concerned and avoids lengthy and quite often costly disputes at the end of the tenancy.

As a successful Kpservices providing professional inventory services to lettings agents, property management companies, estate agents, relocation companies, local councils, commercial letting agents, housing and student associations, embassies and private landlords throughout Ireland

Our full range of Inventory services provided include:

  • Comprehensive property inventory report compilation for a rented property;
  • Professional tenant check in at the commencement a new short-hold tenancy agreement.
  • Professional tenant check out at the end of a short-hold tenancy.
  • Report of all damage contents including photographs for all check outs,
  • Interim/Mid Term property inspection can be carried out to assess the condition of the property during tenancy.
  • Administration
  • Cleaning Services
  • Property Maintenance
Our inventory clerks have a real passion for their work whether it’s a flat, house, palace or a commercial inventory report, they are always professional, thorough and timely.

As independent inventory clerks, our Inventory reports can be used as evidence to protect Landlords and Tenants should a dispute arise. Please contact us for further information.

Please contact the team at Kando Property & Services on 0894595456 to Book an Inventory today or for further information about our inventory services


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